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Soil Biology Lab Services

If you've got plants, you've got microbes! Let's make sure they're the good kind. . .

We assess soils, substrates, and amendments with a microscope.


Because we want to STOP managing symptoms & START addressing causes.


Soil Food Web Certified

Rhizos LLC is proudly & professionally certified by the renowned soil biology program, Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web 


Conventional soil testing focuses on chemistry measurements. However, did you know it is the biology living in soil that creates its chemistry? With the knowledge we now have of soil microbiomes, we can get clearer information about our rootzone health than ever before.


A soil biology assessment is the first step in learning how we can best repair our land and plant health. It is also useful throughout the restoration effort for monitoring progress, with the ultimate goal of self-sustaining health.

Lasting Solutions

The soil microbiome is intrinsically linked to soil structure, nutrient availability, and pest resistance. When we restore biological populations in the soil, specific to the landscape / crop desired, we enable the land to nurture itself.  Saving stewards & growers significant funds, time, and stress long-term.

rhizo- is the origin of the word, root

Rhizos is pronounced "rise-ohs"

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Rhizos LLC

Based in Austin, Texas

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