Biological Assessment

This is recommended for soils, substrates, and amendments such as solid compost or liquid compost. Includes population quantities of all key organism groups (nematodes, bacteria, actinobacteria, fungi, protozoa), including harmful organisms, standard deviations, and Fungi:Bacteria ratio.  


Most importantly, a Biological Assessment comes with written explanations of the observations (i.e. what are these numbers telling us?!) as well as considerations specific to your goals, so you are equipped with clear insight.

1 -4 tests: $110 each

5 - 10 tests: $100 each

11+ tests: $95 each

On-Site Sampling

I'd love to visit your site! This is a great option if your land and goals are multi-faceted. On-site observations can inform optimal locations for sampling AND gives us an opportunity to collect more information.


Pricing varies for on-site sampling depending on the complexity of the site and/or goals.

A proposal & estimate will be provided after an initial phone consultation.

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