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in working together?

Rhizos isn't like most third-party labs. We take the time to develop relationships.


If you're looking to engage with someone meaningfully regarding soil health and compost quality, we're the lab for you.


If you're looking to fulfill urgent testing needs, we may not be the best fit!


Please read our FAQ's below before booking an intro call.

per sample

For soil stewards or consultants
already familiar with soil biology
principles and need data only.

✔ Nematode Assessment
✔ Protozoa Assessment
✔ Fungi Assessment
✔ Bacteria Assessment
✔ Emailed Results

✖ No phone call included
✖ No discussion document
✖ No photos or videos

Most Popular
per sample

For those seeking
communications that explain the
data & document visual observations.

Explanations are tailored to your
current level of understanding of
soil biology (novices welcome!)

✔ Everything in Numbers+

✔ Discussion Document
✔ Microscope Photos
✔ Microscope Videos
✔ Complimentary Follow-Up Call


tailored pricing


For organizations looking for
ongoing seasonal support with
frequent laboratory needs (10+
samples / season).

★ Receive white-glove support with a payment plan built just for you.


Starting at $400 / month for 3, 6, or 12 month terms.



*Limited Spots Available

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