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Friday, September 2nd 
11:00am - 6:00pm | come & go
Green Gate Farms Farmhouse
8310 Canoga Ave, Austin, TX 78724

Who Are We


Microscope image of a fungal-feeding nematode
Microscope image of a fungi, bacteria, and organic matter
Microscope image of a fungal spores

Please join us for soil health discussions and microscopy! 

Leighton Morrison of Kingdom Aquaponics LLC and Andie Marsh of Rhizos LLC will be leading a FREE workshop at Green Gate Farms for growers and stewards in the Central Texas area interested in restoring biological health to their soils.

Picture of soil consultant and owner of Kingdom Aquaponics LLC, Leighton Morrison
Picture of soil health specialist and owner of Rhizos LLC, Andie Marsh


12:00pm - Introduction to the Soil Food Web

2:00pm - Understanding Your Soil Biology Report

4:00pm - Data Collection for Regenerative Farming

Attendees are invited to bring a sample of soil, compost, or liquid compost to be evaluated at this in-person event.

This is a come & go event

We aim to accommodate varying schedules and will be available from 11am - 6pm to evaluate samples surrounding 30-minute presentations. So, come early or stay late for one of the presentations to have your sample evaluated! 

This is a judgment-free zone!  We aim to help you understand the biological condition of your soil and / or amendments to empower you to make decisions that will improve the health and profitability of your land. There is something to be learned from every participant's sample; evaluations will be looked at collaboratively and with transparency.

To get the most out of your assessment, please review the guide relevant to you prior to sampling:

Soil Sampling Guide

Compost Sampling Guide

Liquid Sampling Guide

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